The American Health Council Appoints Ms. Hannah Walker to the Industry Board

Ms. Hannah Walker has been cordially invited onto Industry Board by the American Health Council in recognition of her contributions as a speech language pathologist and her dedication to helping children.

Ms. Walker first had an insight into the field at a young age from a babysitter who also worked as a speech language pathologist. With an interest in the healthcare field, combined with wanting to help people and a passion for research, Ms. Walker decided to pursue a career in pathology.

Ms. Walker initially focused her academic studies on Communicative Disorders, completing her BS at New Mexico State and furthering this by achieving her MS at Eastern New Mexico University in 2015.

With a keen interest in the specialist areas of early intervention, language and feeding disorders, Ms. Walker’s career experience includes working in home health specializing in early intervention. Her time spent in this position provided an important foundation for her current role working in public school with preschool to first grade children with language issues. Ms. Walker now works as Speech Language Pathologist at Tucumari Public Schools since 2018. Tucumari is a Public School District which offers speech language pathology in elementary school, middle school and high school.

Despite only being at the beginning of her career, Ms. Walker has already made a significant impact in the organizations she has worked for, and has a promising future ahead. She attributes her success to the help and influence received from great professors, in addition to her natural ability to help people. An extensive amount of care and involvement is invested into her patients’ progress over time, and knowing the difference she is making to their lives helps to keep her motivated.

As part of her professional accolades, Ms. Walker holds her qualification in Private Pro-Bono Speech Language Pathology in particularly high regard. To ensure she is continually developing her knowledge, she also maintains membership to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Looking to the future, Ms. Walker plans to go back into education to study for her doctorate in either Language Pathology or Audiology, with a long-term goal to transition into the teaching as her career progresses.

Outside of work, Ms. Walker loves to spend quality time with her new baby. She also enjoys crafting and drawing whilst also keeping active by running. Growing up on a ranch, Ms. Walker also hopes to take up horse riding in the future.

Hannah Walker


Speech Pathologist at Tucumcari Public Schools 

  • Tucumari is a Public School District which offers speech language pathology in elementary school, middle school and high school.