The American Health Council Appoints Mr. Eric Cox, MPT, to the Physical Therapy Board

Mr. Eric Cox, MPT, has been warmly welcomed onto the Physical Therapy Board of the American Health Council for his notable contributions to the field of Physical Therapy. Located in Lakeside, Arizona, Mr. Cox is the Owner/Vice President of White Mountain Physical Therapy, where he has worked for 14 years. Overall, Mr. Cox has been working within the healthcare industry for an impressive 27 years.

From a young age, Mr. Cox was inspired to pursue a career within the healthcare industry, as his father was the CEO at a local hospital. In addition, when partaking in sports, Mr. Cox became injured and had to receive physical therapy in order to recover. Furthermore, when his parents moved to another area, he ended up living with Ron Holmes, as Mr. Cox wanted to stay and finish school. Mr. Holmes was a Physical Therapist, and as Mr. Cox was fortunate enough to experience physical therapy first hand, he realized that a career in physical therapy was his calling.

With a clear career path in mind, Mr. Cox attended Northern Arizona University, graduating in 1999 with an MS in Physical Therapy, before embarking on a successful career as a Physical Therapist. Having worked at White Mountain Physical Therapy since 1993, Mr. Cox currently fulfils the roles of Physical Therapist and Owner/Vice President, where he exercises both clinical and administrative duties.

White Mountain Physical Therapy is a privately-owned outpatient physical therapy company located in a variety of locations within Arizona, including Snowflake, Taylor, Heber, Pinetop and Show Low. WMPT has been treating patients for just over 40 years and was opened by Jim Scanlon in 1978. Today, it has an impressive reputation as the most established physical therapy provider in Arizona’s White Mountains. The company offers a number of treatments linked to Physical Therapy. Some services include post-surgical rehabilitation, treating pain symptoms in numerous body parts, sports/recreation related injury, aquatic therapy, sports performance training, dry needling, The Graston Technique, workmen’s compensation cases and liens.

Mr. Cox specializes in sports and orthopedics therapy, treating many patients regularly. His patients range from 23 years old to 104 years old, so Mr. Cox has to constantly adapt the techniques he uses for each individual case. Additionally, he supplies medical services for high school athletes especially, Blue Ridge, who he has been providing treatment to for over 20 years.

Throughout his extensive career, which has spanned over two and half decades, Mr. Cox has enjoyed numerous successes and he is particularly proud of his research with Barrows Institute. Mr. Cox is currently the President of Blue Ridge Sports and Clubs Foundation, the Junior Varsity Football Coach, and is a board member of Blue Ridge Youth Football League. Furthermore, the esteemed professional is involved in sports physical therapy in rural areas that often don’t have sideline Physical Therapists, so he is extremely proud to provide this service at their school games.

Looking back on his successes, Mr. Cox’s attributes his career to a variety of close people; including the co-owner of the business, Lynn Johnson, PT and also his wife.

In the near future, Mr. Cox has exciting plans to develop his physical therapy facility, to open an altitude training facility and also a Native American population training facility. Mr. Cox enjoys taking part in youth sports, hiking and spending time with his wife and four children when he is not busy at work.

Eric Cox


Owner and Vice President of White Mountain Physical Therapy

  • White Mountain Physical Therapy is a privately-owned outpatient physical therapy company located in Snowflake, Taylor, Heber, Pinetop and Show Low, Arizona.
  • WMPT was opened in 1978 by Jim Scanlon and stands today as the most established physical therapy provider in Arizona’s White Mountains.

Sources: White Mountain Physical Therapy

Professional Associations

  • Board Member of the Blue Ridge Youth Football League