The American Health Council Appoints Dr. Grace Akoh-Arrey, PharmD, CDE, BCACP to the Industry Board

Grace Akoh-Arrey, BS, PharmDDr. Grace Akoh-Arrey has been warmly welcomed onto the highly regarded Industry Board of the American Health Council. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Akoh-Arrey is a Pharmacy Manager at Fry’s Food & Drug Stores, an organization which she has worked with for 27 years in a variety of positions as part of her 30 years in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Akoh-Arrey was inspired to pursue a career in the healthcare industry after observing her grandmother’s treatment from a local doctor during her childhood in Cameroon, West Africa. At every opportunity, she eagerly asked for stories about the doctor’s work-life, the unique patients he encountered, and advancements in medical technology. Even at that young age, Dr. Akoh-Arrey had already envisioned how she would one day be at the giving end of medical treatments. After immigrating to the United States as a young adult, she would move forward to pursue a career in pharmacy, motivated largely by her dedication to improving quality of life for others through medicine and public health education. From 1986-1989, she studied at the University of Oklahoma’s College of Pharmacy for her B.S. Pharmacy qualification. From 2002-2005, she specialized further with a Doctor of Pharmacy qualification from University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy. Additionally, she completed a Clinician Educators Program at the College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University in June 2015. With her well-rounded expertise, Dr. Akoh-Arrey is also a certified insulin pump trainer, asthma educator, and an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, a role which she has been board certified for since 2011.

Fry’s Food & Drug Stores, which in 1983 became a part of Kroger, hold a prominent position within Arizona state with their supermarket stores being well recognized. The pharmacy delivers several vital services to its patients. Not only do they excel in the traditional role of preparing and dispensing prescriptions, they provide essential counseling and education for those seeking over-the-counter medicines or asking about health concerns. Additionally, the pharmacy is wholly invested in prevention as it educates patients on preventative care, healthy habits, and provides vaccinations. Much of this is made possible by Medication Therapy Management for those with chronic diseases, weight coaching programs, fitness and nutrition support, Healthy Heart programs, and diabetes and tobacco cessation help. Ultimately, working with this organization has allowed Dr. Akoh-Arrey to refine her skills in community pharmacy and patient care coordination.

Dr. Akoh-Arrey has many day-to-day responsibilities, including the management of several pharmacy employees. Within the pharmacy, she oversees inventory and Medication Therapy Management programs to better educate patients about how to maintain their health. In addition to coordinating patient care, she has routinely trained the next generation of pharmacists as a PGY1 program Residency Preceptor, which allows her to support students and their learning. Alongside her pharmacy role, Dr. Akoh-Arrey provides personalized care to diabetes patients with the endocrinology practice Panda Medical Associates. As a certified diabetes educator since 2006, she supervises the disease management program.

Today, Dr. Akoh-Arrey has achieved a wide variety of successes throughout her career. Previously, she was Chair-Elect and Chair of Community Pharmacy Academy on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Pharmacy Association, of which she is currently a fellow. Additionally, she was a House of Delegate for the Arizona Pharmacy Alliance while attending the American Pharmacist Association Seattle Conference. Dr. Akoh-Arrey is also a qualified trainer for many certificate programs such as Community Pharmacy-Based Point-Of-Care testing by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Community, as well as Diabetes, Medication Therapy Management, and Immunization programs created by the American Pharmacy Association. On a local level, for the Arizona Association of Diabetes Educators, her role is the Local Networking Group Chair. Additionally, she is an Adjunct Professor for Midwestern University College of Pharmacy.

The impact of Dr. Akoh-Arrey’s work is felt throughout Arizona’s communities and exemplified through the numerous awards she has been given throughout her career. Firstly, she was named Staff Pharmacist of the Year by Fry’s Food and Drug Store at Tolleson, AZ in 2007. This was followed by her award from the Community Pharmacy Alliance Phoenix, entitled the ‘Community Pharmacy Academy Award,’ which she received in the same year. In 2013, Midwestern University College of Pharmacy named Dr. Akoh-Arrey Preceptor of the Year, and in 2015, she was awarded Exemplary Patient Care by Arizona Pharmacy Association. In 2018, she received two additional awards from the Arizona Pharmacy Association, including Fellow Recognition and the Hall of Fame Award. Dr. Akoh-Arrey credits her achievements to her ever-growing desire to provide the best quality patient care and commitment to public health education. Her role at Midwestern University College of Pharmacy allows her to stress the importance of these qualities by instilling these passions in the next generation of students.

To share her knowledge with others and continue her life-long learning, Dr. Akoh-Arrey is a part of many organizations. These organizations include the American Pharmacist Association, the American Association of Diabetes Educators, the Arizona Pharmacist Association and the Arizona Association of Diabetes Educators, all of which she is an active member.

Looking to the future, Dr. Akoh-Arrey wants to gain further clinical experience by working in the field of ambulatory care. She intends to spend an increased amount of time with individuals to provide in-depth healthcare education whilst continuing her delivery of high-quality, personalized patient care. Additionally, she wants to continue pushing others to make considerate and empathetic patient care their number one priority whilst advancing pharmacy as whole in the state of Arizona.

When she is not working, you can find Dr. Akoh-Arrey taking early morning hikes, gardening, reading, rewatching her favorite netflix shows, and cooking new recipes. Otherwise, you may find her busy in the local community with volunteering and charity events at the Maricopa County Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness or Health Awareness Initiative Africa.

Grace Akoh-Arrey

BS, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager at Fry’s Food & Drug Store

    • Fry’s Food & Drug Stores is a chain of supermarkets with a large presence in the State of Arizona.
    • Fry’s became a division of Kroger in 1983.
    • The Pharmacy operates independently and is a trusted source of information for their patients.
    • Their pharmacists are trained to administer vaccinations and counseling.

Professional Associations

    • Arizona Pharmacist Association
    • American Association of Diabetes Educators
    • Arizona Association of Diabetes Educators
    • American Pharmacist Association