Samuel Ashu, Pharm.D., is Elected to the American Health Council’s Industry Board

The American Health Council elected Samuel Ashu, Pharm.D., to its Industry Board for his outstanding contributions to the pharmaceutical field. Currently serving as vice-president and the clinical director at Tilda Manor, Inc., in Mesa, Ariz., Dr. Ashu oversees the clinical team, handles clinical assignments, addiction, drug counseling and monitoring patients with behavioral health issues. While he has held his current role for 13 years, he has spent nearly 30 years in the healthcare industry expanding his skills and knowledge in clinical pharmacy and psychiatry.

Born in Cameroon, Africa, Dr. Ashu’s upbringing and surroundings influenced him to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. With a goal to improve the health of Africans through medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, Dr. Ashu enrolled at Western Oregon University and earned a Master of Science degree in 1989. He immediately enrolled at Idaho State University and completed a Doctor of Pharmacy in 1992. To diversify his skills, he earned certification in clinical psychiatry treatment and drug management and set out to accomplish his initial goal.

Throughout Dr. Ashu’s prosperous career, he served as a clinical pharmacy manager for 24 years and developed a short-term behavioral health residential facility model in Arizona. He has been affiliated with the Midwestern University College of Pharmacy in Glendale, Ariz., for 15 years. He promotes community health education by delivering lectures and guest speaking at senior care centers and at community centers. His achievements and comprehensive knowledge earned him the Gold Clinical Safety Award.

To continue to expand his knowledge, Dr. Ashu is a member of the Arizona Pharmacy Association and serves as president emeritus of the African Association of Arizona, a non-profit that aims to promote awareness and understanding of African culture through education and activities. Dr. Ashu is committed to educating the community on both African culture and health promotion. Additionally, he serves as president emeritus to the National Organization for Manyu Advancement, a non-profit sustainable developmental organization.

With a successful career at hand, he attributes his achievements to his faith, support from his family, work ethic and deeply personal endeavors.  Dr. Ashu plans to continue to lecture, emphasizes compassionate care and further innovative strategies in toxicology.

Samuel Ashu


Clinical Director at Tilda Manor, Inc.

  • A behavioral health residential treatment, Tilda Manor, Inc., offers clinical pharmacy, psychiatry and drug abuse treatment services.
  • Born in Cameroon, Africa, Dr. Ashu’s upbringing and surroundings influenced him to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.
  • Earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from Idaho State University in 1992.

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