Rebecca Matteson is Appointed to the Industry Board of the American Health Council

Rebecca Matteson has been welcomed into the Industry Board of the American Health Council, in recognition of her 15 years service to the healthcare sector.

Ms. Matteson is an acclaimed physical therapist who specializes in providing excellent therapeutic care to improve the mobility and function of patients. Her professionalism and honed skills have enabled her to establish a prestigious high profile therapist role whilst also positioning her as a key physical therapy mentor.

Her journey into the field began at a young age when she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) as a cheerleader. The physical therapy expert was lucky enough to receive excellent care from her own physical therapist, which helped her to recover fully and avoid surgery. The injury and her subsequent recovery inspired Ms. Matteson to pursue the occupation herself, believing that this would be a great career fit.

In addition to her passion for the profession, Ms. Matteson has consistently demonstrated her educational excellence and has a BS in Psychology from Caroll University as well as a MPT in Physical Therapy from Carroll University. She obtained her BS in 2002 and then went on to achieve her MPT in 2003, highlighting her consistent dedication to self progression, learning and development.

For over 12 years, Ms. Matteson has worked as a physical therapist at Total Rehab P.C in Illinois, helping patients regain ease of movement. Total Rehab P.C provides physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments at several locations throughout the entire Chicagoland area. The firm specializes in a several key areas, offering treatments for sports injuries, on the job accidents and post-surgery treatment.

Ms. Matteson delivers a range of treatments, including myofascial release, manual therapy, postural assessment and treatment, gait assessment, therapeutic exercises, ultrasounds, electrical stimulation and iontophoresis. Ms. Matteson is dedicated to providing the best service possible, offering highly qualified and compassionate care to all patients in order to aid their recovery.

On a day-to-day basis Ms. Matteson treats mainly geriatric and orthopedic patients as well as supervising several physical therapy aides and mentoring pre-healthcare students. She has also presented and shared case studies to physical therapy student programmes in addition to mentoring students interested in the healthcare field, demonstrating her dedication to educating others. Furthermore, Ms. Matteson is also a credentialed clinical instructor and certified sole supports orthotic practitioner.

Over the next 5 years, Ms. Matteson plans to continuing building her knowledge and expertise in myofascial release. She also plans to pursue either a PHD in Kinesiology or a doctorate in sports science.

Ms. Matteson attributes much of this professional success to her parents who actively encouraged her pursuit of educational enhancement, providing unwavering support to her and her sister as they obtained degrees and worked hard.

When not busy working, as a proud wife to to David and mother of Kirsten and Samuel, Ms. Matteson enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and crafting.

Rebecca Matteson


Physical Therapist at Total Rehab P.C.

  • Total Rehab, P.C. provides Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation treatments at several locations throughout the entire Chicagoland area.
  • Whether it’s a sports injury, on the job accident or treatment after surgery, Total Rehab, P.C. has a staff of compassionate and qualified therapists to help with your recovery.
  • It is their mission at Total Rehab, P.C. to provide their patients with the highest quality of skilled physical therapy services with a distinctively personal touch.