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  • Pig Ear Dog Treats - Salmonella Infections July 8, 2019
    PigEar Dog Treats - Salmonella Infections
  • Papayas - Salmonella Infections June 19, 2019
    Papayas - Salmonella Infections
  • Flour - E. coli Infections May 31, 2019
    On May 23, 2019, ADM Milling Co. and ALDI recalled 5-lb. bags of Baker's Corner All Purpose Flour because they may be contaminated with E. coli.
  • Backyard Flocks - Salmonella May 20, 2019
    CDC and public health officials in several states are investigating multistate outbreaks of Salmonella infections linked to contact with backyard poultry.
  • Raw Milk - Drug-resistant Brucella (RB51) February 8, 2019
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health officials are investigating potential exposures to Brucella strain RB51 (RB51) in 19 states, connected to consuming raw (unpasteurized) milk from Miller's Biodiversity Farm in Quarryville, Pennsylvania.

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