Fatima Lugo, RN, BSN is Honored by the American Health Council for “Best in Nursing”

The American Health Council recently honored Fatima Lugo, RN, BSN for “Best in Nursing” for her outstanding contributions to the nursing field. An Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Services program coordinator at Norwalk Hospital, Ms. Lugo oversees the coordination of patient care. While she has held her current role for over six years, she has spent nearly 10 years in the healthcare industry expanding her skills and knowledge in occupational health.

Ms. Lugo first pursued a different path from nursing. After graduating from Cornell College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management in 1988, she earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Universidad Catolica Boliviana in 2001. After working in the retail industry for many years, Ms. Lugo decided that she wanted a more meaningful career. Once she settled on pursuing the nursing field, she enrolled at Norwalk Community College, where she earned an associate’s degree in nursing in 2009. For two years, Ms. Lugo volunteered at Norwalk Hospital and by 2012, she achieved her feat of seeking a meaningful career by taking on the Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Services program coordinator role at Norwalk Hospital, where she has since managed compensation examinations for municipal employees and local businesses. Additionally, she is responsible for the oversight of the NICE employee health physicals.

With a newfound passion for her career, Ms. Lugo decided to pursue her nursing education by enrolling at the Western Connecticut State University, where she is currently working toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree later this year. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in occupational health after graduation, but in the meantime, she continues to enjoy a rewarding career in nursing.

Fatima Lugo


Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Services program coordinator at Norwalk Hospital

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