American Health Council Names Darlene Benoit to Industry Board

Darlene Benoit - American Health CounciDarlene Benoit, Principal Assembler at Medtronic in Minnesota, has been selected to join the Industry Board at the American Health Council. Mrs. Benoit will be sharing her knowledge and expertise in the areas of Medical Technology, Patient Safety and Quality Control.

Darlene Benoit became involved in the medical field through a friend’s mother in 2001. After beginning her profession as a contractor, her hard work and determination enabled her to advance to higher positions throughout the course of her career. In 2013, Mrs. Benoit received her Associates Degree in Business Management from Rasmussen College.

As a Principle Assembler at Medtronic, her day to day responsibilities include maintaining quality control, assembling MCRD parts, and traveling to Medtronic’s New Jersey facility to learn new processes and procedures. Darlene Benoit has spent five years in her current role at Medtronic, with a combined fifteen years within the healthcare industry.

Medtronic is a medical device company that focuses on improving and transforming the lives of millions of people. Their mission is to contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments of application that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Though initially started as a medical equipment repair shop by two men in 1949, Medtronic has expanded to include medical technologies from implantable mechanical devices, surgical instruments and biologic delivery devices.

Among her many accomplishments, Darlene Benoit is most proud of the work she’s done for the medical device manufacturer over the course of fifteen years. She is honored knowing that her professional contributions are making a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. She attributes her success to the hands on experience that she has gained in the industry, as well as making strides in improving communication within her field.

Mrs. Benoit’s long term goals include becoming a buyer and planner for Medtronic, becoming more actively involved with their final product successes.

During her free time, Darlene Benoit enjoys spending time with her husband Jeremy and their three boys, as well as friends. Her hobbies include ice fishing and hunting.

Darlene Benoit

Principal Assembler

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