AHC Features Ms. Fedoroff— “Little Life-Changing Tips: Synchronicities.”

Barbara Fedoroff - American Health Council

As the CEO and Freelance Editor of her Programs for Parents, Barbara Fedoroff is a multifaceted voice within healthcare. With a non-profit mission dedicated to the betterment of Child Care Services, Ms. Fedoroff continues to contribute to her ongoing efforts in Legislative Advocacy. Since 1984, the primary mission of Programs for Parents has been geared towards services and programs in order to better the mental and emotional well-being of New Jersey’s children and families.

Among her many accomplishments surrounding Programs for Parents, Fedoroff is most proud of securing numerous contracts and grants needed to educationally prepare and emotionally nurture New Jersey’s inner-city schoolchildren.

Little Life-Changing Tips: Synchronicities

“Hi!  I’m Barbara Fedoroff, new to the American Health Council and happy to join you.  This is a wonderful way to share my work that engages us with the Divine who collaborates as we use our minds to keep us well or to heal.  Among the tools at our disposal are Imagery, analogies dream reading, mirroring, reversing and synchronicities.

Today, our focus is on synchronicities, happenings that are the same but different.  Their sameness is the common thread you discover among them; their difference is that their relationship to one another may at first seem vague.  Synchronicities are a way of receiving guidance; however, it’s important to engage your will by following through on the information you receive.

Here’s an example of a synchronicity: (1) While writing a blog, the topic Little Life Changing Experiences keeps popping into my head. (2) Soon after, a small package arrives seeming far too small for the pillow I ordered, thanks to its careful packaging. The pillow is flattened, folded in three and slipped into a clear plastic envelope.  There’s even a beautifully designed Open Me Here sticker.  A little tug and poof, the small item breathes in some air and becomes the pillow I love.  (3) Soon after I was attracted to home office accessories designed to hold those small items that disappear only to show up after we’ve replaced them.  Again, all little, designed and packaged with care.

These three happenings are synchronicities, each related by the blog title and the small size of the items.  My aha moment came when I realized I was being reminded to look at the little things that give meaning to my life.  They now get more of my attention and make everything brighter.

Using Synchronicities For Insight And Decision Making:

  1. Think about your objective and write it in a note. Wish for this silently; in a conversation with the divine; or in a short prayer.
  2. Place the note where you’ll see it as a reminder to watch for synchronicities.
  3. As each response occurs, jot it down on your original note and express your thanks.
  4. Continue watching for other synchronicities and note them (I usually watch for three, though there have been times when two were perfectly clear answers.)
  5. Thank the universe and,
  6. If a decision is required, make it without delay. Synchronicities require us to engage our will by following through on the information we receive.

Watch for two other articles in this series: Mirroring and Reversing.”

Barbara Fedoroff

Contact me at fedzie@ptd.net for assistance with Synchronicities.

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