Who are the Affiliates of the AHC?

We’ve been asked, “What type of individuals are Affiliates of the American Health Council?”

The answer to that question is what makes us so unique. At the AHC, there is no typical Affiliate.

From the coasts to the heartland, the American Health Council has drawn Affiliates from major metropolitan hubs and small communities. Our Affiliates span generations and have reached different stages of their careers — from recent graduates to retirees.

The AHC is where unexpected connections happen and through this synthesis, positive change occurs.

Here is where an Orthognathic Surgeon crosses paths with the Assembly Foreman at the plant which created the robotic arm used in her procedures — and upon expressing her frustration about a quirk in the functionality, they together identify the cause.

This is the American Health Council, where all components of the healthcare industry come together.


Accounting, CEO’s, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Finance, Gov’t. Represenatives, Legal, Management, Public Relations

Educators & Researchers

Biomedical and Clinical Lab Research, Mentors, Professors, Public Health, Scholarly Research


Ambulatory, Case Management, Clinical, ER, Home Health, ICU, Oncology, Operating Room, Pediatric, Perioperative, Travel


Cardiologists, Internists, Family Practitioners, Medical Examiners, Neurologists, Orthopedics, Pediatricians, Radiologists, Surgeons

Support Staff

Attorneys, Assembly & Production, EMT, Pharma Liaisons, Radiology, Reimbursement Specialists, Ultrasound Technicians

Massachusetts General Hospital
Stanford Health Care
American Health Council - Health Council
Jefferson University Hospitals
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York - Presbyterian
Northwestern Medicine
American Health Council - Health Council
NYU Langone
UCSF Medical Center
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
UCLA Health
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

How do I become an Affiliate?

Our Nomination Committee undertakes a long & complicated process that begins with finding eligible candidates among the nearly 17 million Americans employed in various healthcare fields.

Through our stringent “8-Point” criteria & validated peer referrals, only the most highly qualified individuals are cleared to be vetted for affiliation.

With a yearning to contribute & a passion to help others, candidates bring their unmatched skill sets & broad knowledge to strengthen our Affiliate base.

As Affiliates, constituents of the American Health Council are both esteemed and acknowledged as the principals in their respective fields. A badge of integrity, membership in our national organization is a recognized qualifier among medical professionals. Patients seeking assurance of superior knowledge and service look to find doctors and professionals with American Health Council affiliation.

  • Accolades & Awards

  • Charitable Activities

  • Curriculum Vitae & History

  • Digital Footprint & Reach

  • Geographic Location

  • Media Presence & Influence

  • Peer-Reviewed Articles & Published Works

  • Professional Affiliations

We are doctors. nurses. surgeons. therapists. pediatricians. paramedics. opticians. phlebotomists. audiologists. pharmacists. chiropractors.

What are the benefits of being an Affiliate?


Our Affiliates are highly regarded by colleagues & patients as today’s leaders among healthcare professionals. Affiliation in our organization is invite-only with peer-reviewed inclusion.


Access our comprehensive online medical knowledge base & resource area. Receive real-time alerts on critical issues relevant to you in order to take preemptive action & obtain faster resolutions.


Network with prominent medical experts across all areas of the healthcare industry. Freely exchange ideas with peers at the forefront of their fields & help advance medicine together.


Stay on top of shifts in regulations & policies. Work side by side with healthcare leaders & industry affiliates in order to facilitate obtaining the necessary insurance coverage for patient care & testing.


We assist our Affiliates in reaching a broader audience for their current projects and initiatives. Access to our exclusive media distribution partnerships is only made available to qualified Affiliates of the American Health Council. Our channels are both online and print, and include national, state and local publications, as well as an extensive selection of specialty-specific healthcare trade journals.


Blending eye-catching visual content with relevant, informative dialogue is the perfect recipe for dynamic interaction. Stretching across all computer-mediated technology platforms, we provide our Affiliates with a comprehensive suite of social media resources. The American Health Council is a community participant providing our Affiliates with the rich information and updates they seek. We also provide our Affiliates with access to our expansive audience so they may propagate their work and message. For those Affiliates looking to take further initiative in enhancing their social media presence independently, we provide content assistance and help in establishing interpersonal connections.

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Our Affiliates are provided with exclusive access to America’s premier healthcare networking site, bridging the gap between the classroom and the board room, the laboratory and the operating room, the manufacturing facility and the ER. Networking.Healthcare is the only networking service crossing the boundaries of sectors and specialties, with participants from all areas of the healthcare industry. Here, is the primary source where — through cross-sector information sharing and collaboration — ideas and solutions are coming to fruition at an unprecedented rate.


The American Health Council is expanding our Affiliate Services to offer Fraud & Scam Protection. Utilizing our vast network & resources, we aim to alert our constituency of illegitimate organizations attempting to take advantage of the people our nation relies on most for their health & well-being. We are currently communicating with our Affiliate base, and the general public, to detect the latest instances of fraud & scams targeting healthcare professionals. Once these illegitimate activities have been identified, we are alerting our Affiliates via our newsletters, social media outlets, networking platform & website, so that they may better protect themselves from such fraudulent activities. Learn more…


Today is World No Tobacco Day."Tobacco use kills more than 7 million people around the world each year." #SayNoToTobacco #NoTobacco
The American Health Council continues to expand our recognition program! #AHC
American Health Council presents an Award of Excellence to Pamela Venette at Good Samaritans Tenet Health! #AwardOfExcellence #AHCNursing
The American Health Council wishes everyone a happy, healthy and safe Memorial Day! #MDW
American Health Council Affiliate Janet Backers RN, BSN, MBA/HCA, CCRN is the Director of the Emergency Department at Tempe St. Lukes Hospital. Her daily responsibilities include duties such as patient care, quality of service, clinical operations, community outreach and department collaboration. With America’s Opioid Epidemic rising, Ms. Backers provides clinical leaders with the latest information on the opioid epidemic at Tempe St. Lukes Hospital. #TempeStLukes #OpioidEpidemic
We feel so lucky to have such a devoted group of nursing professionals. A big thank you to all nurses! #NationalNursesWeek #HealthyNurse #NursesWeek
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Celebrating National Nurses Week! American Health Council affiliate Nurse Katheryn M. Csonka, who is an assistant professor at @daytonastate ! Ms. Csonka continues to share our mission of constantly educating others in her field of nursing and patient safety! Thank you😊 #NationalNursesWeek #NursesWeek #NurseStory #AHCNurses #AmericanHealthCouncil #HealthyNurse #AmazingNurses
Celebrating National Nurses Week! American Health Council affiliate Mary Foley, M.Div, BSN, RN, OCN at @loyola_medicine shares her knowledge and expertise in nursing oncology & hematology! She attributes her success to following the "golden rule" & adhering to the Bible's "Ten Commandments." We are honored to have you! #NursesWeek2017 #AHCNurses #AmazingNurses #NurseStory #NursesWeek #BestinNursing #HealthyNurse

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